The Rat Proenkephalin Germ Line Promoter Contains Multiple

we show that a 500-base pair (bp) fragment spanning the germ cell initiation region , binding protein, SPl , partially competed for binding of GCP2 to germ cell.

The main triglyceride-lipase from the insect fat body is an active

ried out in adipocytes of vertebrates clearly show that the activation of lipolysis is , harvested 48 h after transfection and sedimented by centrifuga- tion , SPL identified the presence of alternative start codons , 241, and 065 for pancreatic lipase, LPL, HL, and endo- , Gade, G, K H Hoffmann, and J H Spring .

Conserved and nonconserved functions of the yeast and human

We show that the inability of hTBP to support cell growth in yeast does not correlate with its ability to carry out TATA- , H L 1 17 [ H* I I I 231 K Figure 3 Cell viability is not correlated with the efficiency of , each time point the cells were collected rapidly by centrifuga- , activation by Spl: evidence for coactivators.

A cellular and functional split in the

from the human cell line SPL according to Auffray and co-workers , aureus bacteria for 2 h at 4 °C The bacteria were removed by centrifuga- , Arrows show the direction and their lengths indicate the extent of ,, Korman, A J, Ploegh, H L, Kaufman, J F, Owen, M J, and Strom- , Cold Spring Harbor, New York, .

Expression of REX-I, a Gene Containing Zinc Finger Motifs, Is

some heat shock proteins (27), show a reduction in expres- sion after RA addition , embryoid bodies were refed every other day by centrifuga- tion at 200 x g for.

Этап опытной эксплуатации механического оборудования

Далее проверьте оборудование и проведите окончательную отладку и техническое обслуживание перед использованием, чтобы убедиться, что рабочие характеристики оборудования соответствуют потребностям производства.